Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

Optional to/with all all4-PCB equipment we are offering you peace of mind in case of interrupted power supply.

Our uninterrupted power supply (UPS) units react fast and keep your sensitive processes running if your main power lines lets you down.

  • Compact unit 910 x 390 x 900 mm
  • Easy to use front side pane
  • Re-charging duration  7-8 h to achieve 90% of total capacity in case unit was completely discharged
  • Maintenance-free  Pb-Vlies Accumulator
  • Capacity internal 60 x 5 Ah, 7 Ah or 9 Ah
  • Autonomy 10 minutes at nominal load / extendibl

Special Solutions for Thin Film Technology

Solutions for Solar / Photo Voltaik

spray coating modules, annealing- / cure oven & buffer systems for Si-Wafer & thin film technology

Spray thin film

Spray Si-Wafer